Rugby Balls

We manufacture a high quality range of bespoke rugby balls.

These adhere to all the IRB regulations and are supplied with your crest and and sponsors logos.

GENEX MATCH : A superb alternative to thise branded overpriced match balls!! Our International Match Rugby ball is made of 1st grade rubber compound cross lining, 3p+1c, inside hi-tech long air retention & a  balanced bladder with self cure latex glue, with gripsure rubber surface, weight 440-450gms, All sizes Manufactured to full IRB specifications. This range consists of the Extreme Plus & The Extreme balls. Prices from £13.99+

ULTIMA CLUB COMPETION: These high grade balls are made of imported rubber with a cross  lining, 3 layers 2p+1c, and a  weight  of 430-455. This range consists of The Ultima Special, Ultima, Warrior & our fleuro Nite ball. Prices from £9.99+

CHALLENGER TRAINER: Our trainers are a great mid range ball at a trainer price. They are great to play or train with and offer a great alternative to the mid range Ultima. Made of synthetic rubber, with 1p+2c ,latex bladder with self cure latex glue, with gripsure rubber surface, weight 425-435 gms, All sizes.  Prices from £7.99+


To find out more about these new and innovative please ball send us an email via the form below