We manufacture our own brand of bespoke team wear under the COBRA brand.

We have been in production since 1997, producing for Schools, Clubs & colleges around the UK.

When meeting a client for the first time,  the first question we are asked is

“Why have you not got a greater market presence. Never heard of you before.”

The answer to that is quite simple. We do not advertise and often our garments do not carry the Cobra Logo. We promote our business via word of mouth and client testimonials.Repeat business is the key to success.

To help you understand more about us below below is a couple of frequently asked questions. To see more please visit our FAQ page

  • Do you have a design programme so we can design the kit?   No, we don’t! The reason is simple. We create a unique design for each customer, and this can only be done via discussion with our clients. For more details of this process please visit our Production Design page.
  • Will our design be unique to us? Yes. Once your design is produced that becomes your design. Whilst you are using it we guarantee NEVER to offer it to any other customer. It’s your’s exclusively!

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